ClearZal BAC Nail Care Kit

What is ClearZal BAC?

The ClearZal BAC – Complete Nail System has been clinically verified to be a complete non-prescription method of treatment, which utilizes an active ingredient shown effective in killing 99.9% of the most common microbial (fungal, bacteria) infections of the finger and toe areas including skin around, adjacent to and under nails.

The ClearZal BAC System removes the damaged tissues and then penetrates the infected site with the strong broad spectrum, germ killing, and power of the solution.  This enhanced system not only effectively kills the germs, but contains Aloe which helps leave nails and skin healthier.

You are much more likely to get toenail fungal infections if:

  • You already have untreated athlete’s foot
  • Your shoes fit too tightly
  • You don’t change your shoes often enough
  • The toenail or fingernail has been injured
  • You have diabetes, or other long-term conditions that affect your immune system

Some people have chronic disorders that make them more susceptible to nail fungus. People with diabetes, circulatory problems, and immunological deficiencies are atincreased increased risk. Moreover, nail fungus appears to be more prevalent in those with a history of athlete’s foot (a fungal infection of the skin) and people whose feet perspire a lot.

ClearZal BAC

How ClearZal BAC Works?

ClearZal BAC is a cost-effective topical solution for the treatment of infected areas.  The active ingredient in ClearZal BAC, has long been used as a broad-spectrum germ-killing agent to kill fungus, and bacteria. As such, it kills more microbes than just an antifungal agent alone.  This is the key to Healthy Looking Nails – A solution that treats the entire Infection of the Nail – other nail solutions only treat the Fungus!

The ClearZal BAC formula includes Aloe as a healing soothing agent for the skin area around the nail. ClearZal BAC acts promptly to target and kill fungus and bacteria allowing for the natural re-growth of a healthy looking nail.


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