3 Winter Foot Care Tips

Taking care of your feet is a year-long job! Just because you don’t wear flip flops in the snow, doesn’t mean that you can stop caring for your feet. Check out our tips to keep your feet healthy throughout the cold months!


Keeping a close eye on your toenails is difficult during the winter. If you don’t, your nails can become ingrown and they will hurt! Therefore it is a requirement to keep your toenails short. The specialists recommend filing them. Otherwise if your nails are thicker, use clippers.


Your heels and the area around them are the driest parts of the skin. In the evening, after you shower, apply a moisturizing cream to help prevent skin scaling or cracked heels.

Blister Protection

Unfortunately, closed-toed shoes cause blisters on your feet by rubbing against them all day. Unless you plan on wearing sandals in the winter, the best way to protect against this would be with blister protection such as moleskin patches. 

And remember, feet still perspire even in cold weather and can lead to fungal infections. It is important to clean and dry your feet thoroughly each day and change your socks daily too.

Have a healthy and happy New Year from the team at Foot Essential!


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