Orthotics – Custom made by Arch Crafters

We just received our shipment from Amfit , the makers of Arch Crafters Custom Orthotics and insoles. We were very satisfied when we opened up the box to discover the brand-new custom orthotics inside!

Here’s the backstory: A few weeks ago, we noticed a pair of custom orthotics being sold online at a very reasonable price. We followed up with the manufacturer to learn more about the process of how they are made and how to get them to our customers. We received this information from the manufacturer:

“Arch Crafters insoles are custom manufactured orthotics that conforms exactly to a customer’s foot contours at a fraction of the cost of physician-prescribed orthotics. Customization is accomplished by using our patented FootPrinter foam box. Arch Crafters insoles help support feet and ankles, controlling improper foot motion that cause pain in heels, ankles, knees and the lower back. Arch Crafters insoles are made from dual density EVA material and have a soft, simulated leather top cover that has a rich look and feel.”

The process is quite simple, the customer orders the orthotics or insoles from us and they receive a foot mold kit. This kit comes with simple instructions and a postage-paid mailing label direct back to the manufacturer. The mold looks like this:

Once you have made a mold of your feet, you need to close the box and seal it. Then you attached the included label to the original packaging it came in and send it off to the manufacturer. Once they receive your mold, they get right to work on making you a pair of custom orthotics.

Free of charge, they ship back to you a pair of nice looking orthotics for you to enjoy, along with instructions for use and breaking them in. The final product that we received in the office today looks like this:

Orthotics - Custom made by Arch Crafters

We haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but they look like they are going to be a good product! We will try them out for a few weeks and get back to you guys as to how they turned out. They also offer a 3/4 version of their custom orthotics which we will have to try out next!


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