Let’s Take a Moment to Talk About…Diabetic Foot Care

Here at Foot Essential, we aren’t just about selling foot care products, we are about education. In our opinion, the best customer is an informed customer. We want people to know the “why”. This time around, we wanted to talk a little about diabetic foot care, using our consultants at Global Podiatry for reference. We always look to Global Podiatry for advice because their Chicago foot doctor knows what he is talking about! Here is an excerpt from their site:

“Diabetics are typically at high risk for foot problems.  Diabetics will frequently suffer poor circulation, nerve problems, and foot deformities due to muscle weakness.”

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that affects the lives of about 20.8 million people in the Unites States, 6.2 million of whom are unaware that they even have the disease. Every day, 2,200 new cases of diabetes are diagnosed, and an estimated 1.5 million new cases are identified each year. It is even remarkable how little some diabetics know about how to take care of themselves and their feet. Here are some tips and advice from the APMA:

If You Have Diabetes Already, You Need To:

  • Wash feet daily
  • Inspect feet and toes daily
  • Lose weight
  • Wear thick, soft socks
  • Stop smoking
  • Cut toenails straight across
  • Exercise
  • See your podiatric physician
  • Be properly measured and fitted every time you buy new shoes

If You Have Diabetes Already, Make Sure You:

  • Don’t go barefoot
  • Don’t wear high heels, sandals, and shoes with pointed toes
  • Don’t drink in excess
  • Don’t wear anything that is too tight around the legs
  • Never try to remove calluses, corns, or warts by yourself
Global Podiatry has all the resources needed to help make diabetic foot care easy and manageable. They even offer a diabetic shoe program with comfortable, good-looking orthopedic and diabetic shoes. If you live in the Chicago area, check out Global Podiatry for all of your foot care needs.
Chicago Foot Doctor

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