Fabrifoam AnkleGard

Fabrifoam is a brand that we learned about through Global Podiatry, when they showed us a sample they had received. We were instantly amazed at how great the product felt in our hands – you can really feel that they use top-quality materials in their products.

We went online to see what other products they offer and we came across the Fabrifoam AnkleGard (correct spelling).

Fabrifoam AnkleGardThe Fabrifoam AnkleGard is great for wearing with shoes because it is so thin! Here is some information about this product:

  • Provides soft compression and support for a comfortable fit.
  • Recommended for ankle sprains, can help prevent ankle injuries
  • Durable, supportive design, made of NuStimWrap, resists migration and delivers maximum adjustable compression
  • Fits securely on either ankle with attached Velcro
  • Wrap, when applied directly to the skin, will NOT cause blistering or irritation
  • Slim design promotes comfortable wear in most footwear





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