Deer Tracks Brand Shoes from Pilgrim Shoes

In our pursuit of finding comfortable, orthopedic shoes for you to wear, we tend to come across a variety of brands. A new brand we have discovered is Deer Tracks, by Pilgrim Shoes, who also manufacture and distribute Hoopoe brand shoes. These shoes are literally made of our deer skin. Deer are over-populated, so some may argue that Pilgrim Shoes are actually trying to help out the environment.

We were able to get our hands on some samples, and they are soft to the touch! These are definitely comfortable shoes that will not fall apart, and they look good too!

Check out pictures of a few of their products:

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A quote from their website, “Impeccable Craftsmanship and Timeless Styling in Footwear Delivered by USA Environmentally Conscious Manufacturer Committed to Your Comfort and Well Being.”

Here’s a little about Pilgrim Shoes from their website:

“Pilgrim Shoes, a US based shoe manufacturer, headquartered in Baltimore, MD brings a new comfort and sophisticated design into footwear industry. 

Since 1997, Pilgrim Shoes have been devotedly delivering fashionable footwear with all necessary pedorthic features to American customers to make their walk lighter and life easier. 

Our US team, consisting of certified pedorthists and podiatrists, oversees the product development stage and makes sure that Pilgrim Shoes meet all standards of high quality footwear. Our Italian shoe stylists keep our product updated with the latest fashion trends, and our shoe developers from Pirmasens, Germany – know how to add incomparable comfort, elegantly blended with stylish look. 

Being a member of AOPA, PFA and WSA, Pilgrim Shoes guarantees the quality and comfort that your feet deserve. We constantly present new models on trade shows around Unites States as well as in Europe and Latin America.”

Overall, we are quite satisfied with the quality and variety of products offered by Deer Tracks. We recommend these shoes for those who need the extra comfort and support from orthopedic shoes!

Check them out at 


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