Dr. Comfort Men’s Performance Shoe Review

Our affiliate, Global Podiatry, offers a wide array of diabetic shoes for their patients. A specific one that caught our eye was the Performance by Dr. Comfort. Sometimes it may seem like diabetic shoes are unattractive looking, but in this case it is just not true!

Dr. Comfort - Men's Performance

Performance in Black/Grey. Also available in Grey/Yellow.

When we first picked up the shoe, it became obvious that it was designed for those that are energetic and young at heart. As an athletic shoe, it serves the purpose of providing comfort and support, especially for those with diabetes and other health issues that affect the feet. The Performance are light-weight and feel the same as any other cross-trainers you would purchase from an athletic store.

Whether you plan on using them for the treadmill, the elliptical, or the stair climber, the Performance will keep you comfortable and stylish. The non-skid, light-weight sole increases traction to keep you at your peak performance!

Dr. Comfort Heat-Moldable Insoles are Included with Each Pair of Shoes

Dr. Comfort Heat-Moldable Insoles are Included with Each Pair of Shoes

As an added bonus, Dr. Comfort shoes come with heat-moldable inserts for added comfort and support. These inserts provide medial and lateral stability for proper bio-mechanical support and balance. To ensure the best fit, you can choose from 3 different widths and a variety of sizes. Also, the Performance come in two colors: Black/Grey and Grey/Yellow.


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