As a member of the health care team, your Podiatrist is vitally concerned about hypertension and vascular disease. Your Podiatrist should know if you have any of the following cardiovascular or related conditions:

  • Hypertension and/or cardiovascular disease:
    • Hypertension sometimes causes decreased circulation. A careful examination is required to determine if there is lower than normal temperature in any of the extremities, absence of normal skin color, or diminished pulse in the feet. 
  • Rheumatic Heart Disease:
    • Persons who have had rheumatic heart disease must be protected with prophylactic antibiotics prior to any surgical intervention. 
  • Diabetes:
    • This condition frequently affects the smaller arteries, resulting in diminished circulation and decreased sensation in the extremities.
  • Ulceration:
    • Open sores that do not heal, or heal very slowly, may be symptoms of certain anemias, including sickle cell disease; they may also be due to hypertension or certain inflammatory conditions of the blood vessels.
  • Swollen feet:
    • Persistent swelling of one or both feet may be due to kidney, heart, or circulatory problems.
  • Burning feet:
    • Although it can have a number of causes, a burning sensation of the feet is frequently caused by diminished circulation.

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