>When you use a set of muscles too much, you’re likely to strain the tendons (soft tissues) that connect those muscles to your bones. At first, pain or swelling may come and go quickly. But if you do too much too soon, your muscles may overtire again. The strain causes the tendon’s outer covering to swell or small fibers in a tendon to pull apart. If you keep pushing your muscles, damage to the tendons adds up and tendonitis develops.

X-rays may be taken to rule out a broken bone. To identify damage to a tendon, your doctor may order an MRI.

To treat tendonitis, you can try:

  • Ice and heat
    • Ice helps to prevent swelling while heat helps to reduce it
  • Medications
    • Aspirin or other anit-inflammatory medications may help to reduce pain and swelling
  • Limiting Activities
    • Rest allows the tissues in your foot to heal

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